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Primary riding discipline: Freeride
Hometown: Plymouth, MA

Instagram: @peterjamison

1) Favorite part about being a Title athlete?
Easily my favorite part about being a Title athlete has been watching the excitement around the brand grow, and more parts show up on people’s bikes over the past year or two!

2) Most memorable riding moment?
My most memorable riding moment has to be doing my first barspin on a small frozen jump in my backyard in 2014.

3) Bucket list riding locations?
I am very fortunate to have been to a few of my primary bucket list riding locations over the past few years, but I would love to head to Morgins in Switzerland one day!

4) What are your hobbies and interests outside of riding?
Outside of riding, my biggest hobby is photography and filmmaking, with cooking being a close second.

5) Who is someone that inspires you and why?
Someone who I find particularly inspiring is John John Florence. Not only does he excel at his particular sport, but he also has the best team around him to excel at producing the best visual content in surfing.

6) If you weren’t a professional rider, what would your career be?
My situation is a bit unique here because, in addition to being a professional athlete, I also shoot photos and create films for many of my sponsors. With that said, an unrealistic dream would be to open a small coffee shop.

7) What was your first mountain bike?
The first mountain bike I ever had was a hand me down Haro hardtail from my sister, which she had used to ride around town. I was so stoked on it but wrecked the rear wheel pretty quickly.