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Title Upcycled mtb components discounted mountain bike parts

Upcycling Program

Title Upcycling

As we all know, nobody is perfect, including us! At Title, while we strive to produce the highest quality mountain bike products, reality doesn't always align with our goals. Like it or not, we sometimes receive products that don't meet our quality standards. This can include things such as a scratch on a handlebar or stem, some extra glue on a saddle, or any other imperfection that sometimes happens in the manufacturing process. While this issue is not common, it does happen and we wanted to come up with a creative solution that allows us to reduce our waste while also maintaining a high standard for quality control. So, the result is the Title Upcycling Program. 

How does Title Upcycling Work? 

It's really a simple concept. When we receive products from our manufacturers that have imperfections, instead of collecting dust in the warehouse or being thrown away, we will be selling these structurally sound, functional components for 30% off of our retail price. These components may be visually imperfect, but will preform as new.