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Carbon DH Rim


CDH (Carbon Downhill)

For the DH racer, bike park local or freerider who's looking for a durable wheelset that can withstand anything from Worldcup DH races to Red Bull Rampage.


The CDH is our most durable rim that we offer. It was designed to increase impact resistance and lateral stiffness (from the CAM) while maintaining a low radial stiffness to soak up the small stuff. It's been tested and proven in many ways, including a podium finish at Red Bull Rampage 2019. 

Works with tire widths from 2.35 - 2.8

Our CDH rim comes standard with:

- Cost is per rim not a pair
- Rim tape and presta valve for tubeless tires
- Lifetime warranty. Read HERE for more info.
- Rim-only lead times may vary from 2 - 4 weeks.  


- 30mm rim inner width x 21mm rim height
- 27.5 and 29 rim size options
- 580g (27.5)
- 605g (29)


First things first, we are proud to say that all of our carbon rims are handlaid in Kamloops BC by WE ARE ONE. Having our rims made by one of the industry leaders means that accuracy and quality control that goes into each rim is second to none. One of the most important features about carbon wheels is that they reduce rotational weight compared to traditional aluminum wheels. This not only makes the bike lighter, but it provides increased pedal efficiency when climbing uphill or charging downhill. This also gives the bike a more nimble feel when manoeuvring through the trail or jumping through the air. Besides the weight, carbon wheels are strong. They're built with a layup process in a mold that allows the carbon to be layered in specific ways depending on what the rim requires. In some cases like our CDH, the carbon is layered so that the wheel stays stiffer laterally and can take huge impacts where as our CAM is designed to have a lower radial stiffness so the wheels are compliant with the trail. Each rim has its purpose, thats why we offer three different options - CAM, CDH and CDJ.